About Our Shop

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Brazen Beauty Lounge is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced! We offer a fabulously fun place to get together with your gfs, celebrate a special occasion or treat yourself! With our totally unique workshops (where you can make your own organic perfume, eye shadow or lip gloss) and fun pink environment, you’ve found your new favorite spot!

Brazen Beauty Lounge also boasts a full range of exciting organic cosmetics (lip gloss, eye shadow, soap, perfume, powder, nail polish, blush and more!), gifty goodies, indie jewelry and accessories.

It’s our little oasis from the “real world”, right in downtown Ferndale!

Our philosophy is simple- embrace your authenticity, have fun with makeup, feel great. We strive to create that environment with every detail, down to our pink painted nails! Makeup should make you feel GOOD! We won’t stand for the snobby attitude that comes with so many makeup counters nowadays. Yuck! Being a girl is FUN, embrace that ability to change like a chameleon with each new gloss. Get a new-found sense of courage and confidence with a swipe of bright blue liner. It’s all up to you!

We love to hear from you, what did you think?

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