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Guest Interview with Kat, from So Very Charming!

Hey, hey Brazen beauties. Candi here and have I got a treat for you! A guest interview with the owner of So Very Charming, who teamed up with Brazen for our 2nd Annual Hottie Holidays!  With me today is Kat, the creative force behind, So Very Charming, where she re-purposes vintage pieces into wearable awesomeness! She creates everything from dainty everyday necklaces, barrettes and one of a kind pieces.  Plus, she also does custom work.  How cool is that?  If you don’t know about her beautifully eclectic, whimsical jewelry, you should! Now, without further ado, here are 8 things that you don’t know about Kat.

enamel heart earrings

Vintage 80’s Enamel Blue & Green Heart Studs

Brazen:     Kat, thanks for joining me here today. I’m excited to let our Brazen audience know a little bit about you. So, tell me about So Very Charming. How is it that you got started making jewelry?

Kat: I started making jewelry because I was selling random vintage finds on Etsy while finishing up school. This eventually lead to a small stock pile of vintage jewelry. Which lead me to discovering how much I enjoyed making my own unique jewelry using vintage jewelry components. I started selling my jewelry on Ebay in 2005. From there, I opened my first Etsy shop in 2007, and it’s been my creative outlet ever since!


Flowers and Butterflies Unique Butterfly Garden Barrette

Brazen: What are three things that you never leave the house without?

Kat: I never leave home without lipstick, gum and hand lotion. My hands get really dry!

Brazen: What do you feel is the single most challenging thing about having and running your own business?

Kat: My biggest challenge is balancing my day job and being a mom, with my passion for making and selling my jewelry. In a perfect world, making jewelry would be my full time job.

Brazen: What’s your favorite color?

Kat: I have too many favorite colors to list just one, which is probably why I love rainbows.

Brazen: Heels, flats or boots?

Kat: Boots!

enamel kitty ring

Vintage White Enamel Kitty Cat Ring

Brazen: Favorite beverage?

Kat: Hot tea is my all time fave beverage.

Brazen: What is your favorite thing about humanity?

Kat: What I love most about humanity is there will always be more people who desire peace than people who don’t.

Brazen:Last question Kat, what do YOU love about Brazen?

Kat: I love that Brazen Cosmetics uses safe, natural ingredients in high quality makeup. I am absolutely in love with my Fierce + Flawless finishing powder! It’s beautifully packaged too.

Thanks so much for stopping by Kat! To find out more about Kat, you can catch her this weekend, December 13-14, during our Hottie Holidays at the Brazen Beauty Lounge! Where she will be showcasing her jewelry(which will be available for purchase!)   Also be sure check out Kat on her Facebook page or her Etsy shop, here and here.

queen bee necklace

Queen Bee Necklace II


Come visit with the Midwest’s Queen of Snark

Hey all my Metro-Detroit lovelies!  Come visit with our girl Kate Kehoe, our favorite Queen of snark and sass, owner and creator at Chicalookate!

calk in the shop

Oh, and don’t tell her, but My BFF is totally getting these right here for Christmas!

Check out her huge selection of fun…

Cute pocket mirrors (to put on your Brazen gloss!)…



mirror calkmirror calk 2

Be sure to keep a notebook in your purse at all times to keep track of all those digits you’ll be getting…

notebook calk

Framed prints make awesome gifts btw…

print calk

Stray Hair Overdose? Get Yourself to Brow Rehab!!!

Get your brows looking great, ladies! How do those celebs get those perfect arches and shapes? It’s not genetics, let me tell you- It’s a good waxer and makeup artist!

We are super excited to be offering the first of this type of event. A combination service and personal instruction, plus you leave with a goodie bag of products so you can recreate the look at home!

Have your brows been partying a little too hard lately? Fallen of the “Good Brow” wagon? Let us help get you back on your path to fabulous brows!

We will be joined by master makeup artist & brow guru, Fara Julian for an afternoon of fun and education. She will sculpt your brows to their perfect shape for your face. You will be amazed at what a little wax will do- instant lift! Drawing on her 10+ years of experience, Fara will detox your out-of-shape brows into arches worthy of the red carpet! Flawless brows are ALWAYS the best accessory for the season!

Next, Brazen owner Sandi will show you the precise areas to highlight and shade (including helping you select the right brow powder color) on your brow to really maximize the effect.

All the while, get treated to wine and personal shopping assistance from our awesome staff. This is a PERFECT Girls’ Day activity or treat for an over-worked mom in your life.

To make your appointment, click the link below. We will be scheduling appointments for this time, so please let us know how we can best accommodate you, or we will pick a time for you.


S 🙂



To book your appointment…