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Stray Hair Overdose? Get Yourself to Brow Rehab!!!

Get your brows looking great, ladies! How do those celebs get those perfect arches and shapes? It’s not genetics, let me tell you- It’s a good waxer and makeup artist!

We are super excited to be offering the first of this type of event. A combination service and personal instruction, plus you leave with a goodie bag of products so you can recreate the look at home!

Have your brows been partying a little too hard lately? Fallen of the “Good Brow” wagon? Let us help get you back on your path to fabulous brows!

We will be joined by master makeup artist & brow guru, Fara Julian for an afternoon of fun and education. She will sculpt your brows to their perfect shape for your face. You will be amazed at what a little wax will do- instant lift! Drawing on her 10+ years of experience, Fara will detox your out-of-shape brows into arches worthy of the red carpet! Flawless brows are ALWAYS the best accessory for the season!

Next, Brazen owner Sandi will show you the precise areas to highlight and shade (including helping you select the right brow powder color) on your brow to really maximize the effect.

All the while, get treated to wine and personal shopping assistance from our awesome staff. This is a PERFECT Girls’ Day activity or treat for an over-worked mom in your life.

To make your appointment, click the link below. We will be scheduling appointments for this time, so please let us know how we can best accommodate you, or we will pick a time for you.


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